Ping Anser Sammy Davis GHO

This is a Ping Anser 2 patent pending made in 1981 for the Sammy Davis GHO (Greater Hartford Open). These were given to Pro Am contestants and friends of Sammy. This one is in mint condition and became the prototype for Ping's special edition putters that would come later.

25th Anniversary Scottsdale Anser
(John Solheim)

This is a 25th anniversary Scottsdale Anser made by Ping in 1984. These are very rare in their own right but the first 100 were hand-ground by the Solheim brothers. This one, JS057, was hand-ground by John Solheim and #57 of the run. Numbers under 100 are very seldom seen as they were given out primarily to friends and family.

Ping Zing

Gold-plated, made specifically for a Japanese customer of Ping in very low numbers. Seldom, if ever seen in the U.S.

Ping NBC Peacock

This is a limited edition NBC Peacock putter #439. Ping made a special run for NBC to give to executives and guests of the network.

Ping Scottsdale 1-A

Putter made for Canadian market. Canadian Scottsdale putters often were painted gold and had a red Slazenger Pro shaft band as seen here. The gold paint wore off very quickly and putters are rarely found with the amount of gold shown on this piece.

Ping Scottsdale 69BC Croquet

One of the rarest putters of all time, this is also a Canadian model WITHOUT a bend in the shaft and the Slazenger Pro shaft band. This is in MINT condition.

Ping Scottsdale 69BC Croquet

This one DOES have the rare bend at the bottom of the grip that the USGA later deemed to be illegal.

Ping Scottsdale Anser Gary Player

Released in South Africa with Gary Player's name on the sole. About 200 of these were made worldwide after Player became an advocate of Ping putters. This is one of the rarest putters ever made and certainly one of the most desirable Pings.

Ping Karsten Co Anser

As the Scottsdale Anser shown above, it was released in South Africa with Player's signature on the sole. About 200 of these were made as well. This one is mint condition.

Ping Redwood City

No model designation. Called a "pre-1A," this is the model that gave the company its name due to the loud "ping" heard when the ball is struck. This one also features the handmade leather grip that took Karsten several days to complete.