Tad Moore - Damascus

One of one hundred. Damascus prototype made by Tad Moore. This putter, the Pro 1X, features a double bend shaft, much like the fabled Anser X and is also very rare in that the Damascus swirls face-out and not up. According to Tad, only a handful were ever made in this manner.

Tad Moore - Damascus Proto

One of about one hundred Damascus prototype made by Tad Moore. Pro 1 variety features an Anser head and plumber neck.

Tad Moore - Flame

This is one of ten handmade "Flame" prototypes made by Tad Moore in 2009. This is #1 and this series features flame-treated heads that produce a blue/brown tint that is just beautiful. Not made for production.

Tad Moore - Pro 1

Tad Moore Pro 1 putter made for Masters Tournament. One of 15 made, these were offered only in Members' Pro Shop at Augusta National and sold out within minutes.

Tad Moore - Wiz

This is a Tad Moore "Wiz," one of only two created. It features a George Low head and a very rare mocame insert.